Author: Bruce Ernest Andor

Robert Middleton — How to Find Your Marketing Sweet Spot

Ever feel you’re making a lot of forward progress but don’t really know where you’re going? Today a client brought this concern up in an email to me. She’s been doing really well at attracting new clients but wants to get a different kind of client but is not clear about her direction. Half the battle of attracting clients is becoming clear on the following three questions: 1. Who are my ideal clients? Individuals, small business owners, or corporations? What industry, job title, etc. 2. What are their problems, challenges and issues? If you don’t know or understand what your clients are struggling with, it’s hard to get their attention and interest. 3. What outcomes do they want? This is usually the mirror image of #2 above. You just need to articulate it in a way that resonates with your ideal clients. If you are clear on all of the above, you can then develop and implement various marketing strategies to get in front of these ideal clients, make connections, and ultimately convert them into paying clients. But what if you’re not clear about who your ideal clients are, their challenges and desired outcomes? Then you need to do some work to get clear. Here are some steps you can take: 1. Inventory your strengths. Let’s say you’re a business coach or consultant of some kind. What skills do...

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